HKU Actlab research Art & Education Köln | 2016
"Press your space face close to mine, love" - Ziggy Stardust
First time touching flowers in VR with my own six arms! Senses galore! 2016.
"Today is the greatest Day I've ever known" by The Smashing Pumkpins.
Today A captain never leaves his sinking ship... 2009 - 2013.
Today In progress. 2012.
Today The Tempest. 2012.
Today A jewelbox broke my heart. 2011.
Today We stood still - ☁ tien September... 2011.
Today A captain never leaves his sinking ship... 2009.
Today Art we Love - Art we Eat... 2009.
Modest Mouse buzzing in my ears "The good times are killing me".
Today Glass @DeKade Zaandam | HKU graduation stress. 2006.
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