Picture by Jolanda Hoogendoorn
Ode to Nature, In modern day urbanization, nature is lacking in our daily environment. For some people even an almost unknown territory. The illustration is an exploration into native plants in the vicinity of the cities we live in.

In August 2010 I started this Ode at window gallery De Glouw in Zaandam.
This by analysing and drawing on paper and cotton, 350 x 600 cm in a performance that lasted seventeen days. The feeling that I wanted to share with the public was the growth process of nature, when they passed by the gallery’s window.

Organizing the native plants
Ode to Nature 2010
During the art Heemtuin 2012,  Ode to Nature returned to where the research all began in 2010, the Heemtuin Zaandam. #KunstMarkt
'Ode to nature' through the eyes of the botanical garden visitors...
KunstMarkt september 2012
Photo by: Ewoud de Groot
Photo by: Heemtuin Zaandam
Photo by: Heemtuin Zaandam
Photo by: Joke Dupon
Photo by: Philo Gregoire
Photo by: Willem Gort

Photo by: Yvonne Langenberg
Photo by: Walter van Nus
Ode to Nature
on tour 
'Ode to nature' first time inside a Art Gallery...
Het Weefhuis, Zaandijk march 2014
Photo by Sheba Salden
'Ode to Nature' takes part of a Culture Happening
Zaandam april, 2014
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