For VeldwerkExpo Linda Willemszoon worked together with history teacher and rapper Jeroen van Leeuwen aka Hades. His rhythm of words and sounds were arranged by her lines. The move comes in this project to a halt,
 to become one with the Dutch landscape. This moment was to undergo in the installation 'Zuiver Groen' in midst of the Schaalsmeerpolder during
september 2013.
june and july 2013
'Zuiver Groen' is part of my research in handwritten correspondence and an investigation into 
“The lost romantic of the written word”. 
Schaalsmeerpolder september 2013
Photo by: Yvette van der Does
Photo by: Philo Gregoire
Photo by: Yvette van der Does
22 September 2013, in a cowshed
On 22 September 2013, this movement comes to live in the performance "Zuiver Groen' in a cowshed. The words and beats of Jeroen were Drawn live by Linda. This is the basis of their project in the polder. Musicians participating in 'Zuiver Groen' are Jan Jaap Doeven,
Tarah Ouwerkerk and Mark Nieuwenhuis. The performance lasted 40 minutes. 
Photo by: Jesse Muller
Photo by: Tarah Ouwerkerk
Jan Jaap Doeven / Jeroen van Leeuwen / Tarah Ouwerkerk / Linda Willemszoon
After the performance the very limited and handmade EP 'Zuiver Groen' 20/20 Sold Out! This edition was designed for VeldwerkExpo by Linda Willemszoon.
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